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You won't believe how close this driver came to total disaster on Highway 11 near Nipigon, Ont

Near miss for northern Ontario truck driver

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, February 1, 2014, 2:20 PM -

When semi truck driver Art Ginter turned the corner on Highway 11 near Nipigon, Ont., he had no idea what would be waiting for him on the other side.

Passing the plow up ahead was another semi - and potential disaster.

"It was a very scary moment. I've never experienced anything that close in my life," Ginter told The Weather Network on Saturday.

The screams in the video tell it best. Ginter swerved to the side into the guard rail to avoid the other semi, and narrowly avoided colliding head-on with the other vehicle.

The vehicle was damaged, but the guard rail held and a worse fate was averted.

Although the time stamp says January 4, Ginter's dashcam footage only emerged on YouTube last week.

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CLICK TO LISTEN: Driver, Art Ginter, speaks out on the frightening ordeal:

Ginter says he posted the video because the other driver didn't stop, leaving him to take care of repairs and insurance issues. He's hoping that spreading the video far and wide might lead to the other driver being identified.

"If the gentleman would have stopped, and we could have exchange information, this video never would have hit YouTube," he said.

The Weather Network was unable to reach the Nipigon detachment of the Ontario Provincial Police Saturday, but CBC reports the OPP is aware of the incident and is investigating, with the help of Ginter's video.

Ginter, who is based in Winnipeg and was en route to the Montreal area with a load of eggs - incredibly, they were unharmed - said he understands the frustration of finding yourself behind the plow, but backing off them while they do their work is wise.

"It boils down to a patience thing," he said.

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