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Narrow escape as truck sinks into frozen lake

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Friday, March 17, 2017, 8:02 PM - A couple in Manitoba had their drive across frozen Lake Winnipeg cut unexpectedly short after their vehicle fell through thin ice and sank into the lake's waters.

Ko'ona Cochrane was shooting a live Facebook video on what appeared to be a sunny day on the lake when the vehicle when through the ice.

"Oh, it looks frightening. Why are you slowing down?" she can be heard saying at around the 0:25, followed shortly after by the ice breaking, and a scramble by Cochrane and her companion to get to safety. 

Another video posted to Facebook shows the other occupant at one point checking some of the ice before the pair continued their drive.

Manitoba RCMP told CTV News the couple were found on the lakeshore apparently uninjured, and both refused medical assistance. The truck remains submerged.

"Next time I'll follow an actual ice road, not fishing routes," Cochrane later said on Facebook.

The police told Global News there were no signs in the area warning people not to drive across the ice, as the area is not considered an ice road route.

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SOURCES: CTV News | Global

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