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Footage captured in Zambia in December shows a humongous hippo lurking in the water.

MUST WATCH: Hippo tries to attack nearby boat

Wednesday, January 14, 2015, 1:13 PM - If Jaws didn't make you stay out of the water, the video above might do the job.

Captured by Michael Varndell, the managing direction of the Malawian Style Safari and Adventure Holidays, the footage shows an aggressive hippopotamus on the attack, running under water before taking a powerful leap only nearly missing the boat.

This isn't the first time Varndell has been chased by a hippo.

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On one occassion we were chased by two separate hippos, in tow completely separates part of the river," he told Daily Mail Australia.

Just how dangerous are hippos?

The name hippopotamus is Greek for “river horse” and it’s an apt name as the large animal can run in spurts faster than the average human.

Their unpredictability makes them one of the most dangerous mammals in Africa. Their large teeth can easily perforate human skin and bones. They are responsible for more human fatalities than most other large animals in Africa.

Easily frightened and extremely territorial, hippos have been known to not hesistate to attack—especially if their young babies are nearby.

In November, a hippopotamus overturned a boat killing 12 children and one adult. In Malawi, a hippo attacked and killed one adult on Christmas Eve.

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