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Must See: Pet python swallows barbeque tongs

Courtesy: University of Adelaide

Courtesy: University of Adelaide

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Friday, May 15, 2015, 11:46 AM -

A pet snake in Adelaide, South Australia is making headlines around the globe after dining on its owner's barbeque tongs for dinner.

Aaron Rouse was feeding his python, Winston, when the stubborn snake latched onto the cooking utensil and would not let go.

After giving up and leaving Winston alone for a while, Rouse returned only to find the snake had swallowed the tongs whole. 

Courtesy: University of Adelaide  

"You could see the brand name through his skin," Rouse told local news outlet 891 ABC Adelaide.

The snake underwent surgery at the University of Adelaide.

"Snakes do have an ability to regurgitate food if they change their mind, but I was not sure if Winston was going to be able to regurgitate these (tongs) even if he tried," Dr. Oliver Funnell told ABC. "These are made out of a pressed metal, the edges are relatively sharp."

The tongs were removed safely and Winston is now recovering.

Source: The University of Adelaide | 891 ABC Adelaide 

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