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Snow and ice create major hazards for drivers in Atlanta

MUST SEE: Losing control on slick, snowy street in Atlanta

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    Friday, January 31, 2014, 9:46 AM -

    Some scary moments for drivers in the Atlanta-area on Thursday, as snow and ice continued to create hazardous road conditions.

    Car after car was seen losing control on a slick, snowy street in Cobb County.

    That's after a few centimetres of snow resulted in a massive pileup on a busy city highway Tuesday.

    Many drivers spent more than 12 hours stuck in traffic, others with no food or water. Those whose car batteries died or who ran out of gas, simply left their vehicles behind.

    TALES OF HEROISM: Signs of hope among Atlanta's gridlock nightmare.

    The worst of circumstances seemed to bring out the best in people however, and a couple even delivered a beautiful baby girl named Grace amid the massive chaos and frustrations.

    Officials say travel in metro Atlanta is expected to get much easier on Friday as temperatures begin to climb, melting much of the messy snow and ice.

    Tracking the potential for a major storm in southern Ontario next week
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