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Crow takes flight on eagle

Crow lands on a flying eagle and rides it into glory

Leeanna McLean
Digital Reporter

Thursday, July 2, 2015, 11:19 AM -

A cheeky crow has been photographed in a rare moment catching a lift on the back of a bald eagle 25-feet in the air.

These unusual images show the moment this intrepid crow landed on the back of a bald eagle while the much larger predatory bird was trying find itself an early morning snack. This encounter lasted only a few seconds before the birds parted as friends and flew their own separate ways.

The photos are reminiscent of another image that went viral in early June, showing a squirrel falling on a woodpecker. There was also the perfectly timed photo of a baby weasel appearing to ride a woodpecker in an attempt to eat it. Don't forget the brave raccoon that was caught standing on top of an alligator.

The most recent chance-meeting between the crow and eagle was captured by amateur photographer Phoo Chan in Seabeck, Washington.

“I was photographing a bald eagle flying around hunting for an early meal when suddenly the crow approached the eagle from behind,” said Phoo. “At first I thought the crow was going to chase away the eagle. I have seen crows harassing a hawk by swooping back and forth in order to drive it away from their territory."

The photographer said he was "completely awed" to see the crow actually land on the back of the flying eagle.

“It was as if it was taking a short break and at the same time a free ride. What‘s more surprising was the eagle didn't seem to mind and kept flying as if nothing happened."

Phoo Chan, Media Drum World

Phoo believes the crow landed on the eagle's back because the eagle was not phased by the crow's harassment.

Bald eagles can be found in North America, usually near large areas of open water. They are opportunistic feeders who will swoop down and grab their prey in their large talons.

Phoo Chan, Media Drum World

There is no real difference in the plumage between male and female bald eagles, their heads and tails are white while the main body is brown. The females are 25 per cent larger in size than the males.

“Eventually the crow flew away and the eagle continued to hunt for its breakfast,” said Phoo. “They both flew in different directions and it looked like they became friends."

Phoo Chan, Media Drum World

People often ask Phoo how he is able to capture photos so quickly.

“You have to be in the right place at the right time when it happens.”

-- With files from Media Drum World

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