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Stunning photographs show Queensland, Australia dust storm

Must See: 5 unearthly shots of massive outback dust storm

Daksha Rangan
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 11:23 AM - A “larger than normal” dust storm billowed through the Australian outback town of Boulia Tuesday, creating an otherworldly spectacle.

Local photographers jumped at the opportunity to capture the Martian-like moment, where visibility was reportedly limited to just a few metres.

Although dust storms are common in the area, lifestyle photographer Ann Britton told the Brisbane Times that Tuesday’s happening was substantially larger than usual.

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The outback is known for being Australia’s vast, mostly uninhabited desert region, where temperatures can soar to 50 C in the summer, while dipping to – 10 C in the winter.

Photographer Jan Norton captured the ghost-like event in vivid detail. Here are five unearthly photos of Boulia’s dust storm.


 photo a641f22c-a8bb-4a90-8a41-c9bb105bbeed_zps1ve1tc1q.jpg


 photo 0e3acc79-6430-45bb-9226-901de320a5ec_zpshohvrsun.jpg


 photo 82be15e9-4464-44fb-a743-ee97740f54dc_zpsvcdksjgm.jpg


 photo c93f9620-b356-4e6f-a6a3-a0adbe15b3c8_zpssobl3wgg.jpg


 photo 8f05fd6f-1804-4702-9555-7a7aecf7e328_zpsdredndap.jpg

SOURCE: Jan Norton/Facebook | Brisbane Times

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