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Montana firefighters saved the two cubs from a wildfire. Their fur might be singed but they are doing okay.

Mountain lion cubs rescued from Montana wildfire

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Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, September 2, 2014, 6:04 PM - Firefighters in western Montana have become local heroes after rescuing mountain lion cubs from a wildfire on Friday.

A spokesperson for the Bitterroot National Forest told ABC News that a crew battling a fire in the Sapphire Mountains was digging a fire line when they found the cubs hiding under a log.

Flames prevented the crews from reaching the log, so they called in a helicopter that doused the area with 600 gallons of water.

Once the fire was out, firefighters rushed in to retrieve the soaking wet babies.

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Officials believe they are less than three weeks old.

Their fur is singed, but the cubs appear to be in good health. No other mountain lions were found in the 19-hectare area.

The cubs are now rusting up in a wildlife rehabilitation centre.

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