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Midway through the long weekend, and we've got our usual assortment of summer weather. Here's the coast-to-coast roundup.

Morning Briefing: Four things to know about Sunday

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    Daniel Martins
    Digital Reporter

    Sunday, August 31, 2014, 7:55 AM - Part 2 of the last long weekend of the summer looks like a repeat of Part 1 in many provinces.

    Depending on where you are in Canada, you're in for storms, rain, cooler temperatures or sweltering humidity.

    Atlantic Canada

    As Sunday dawned, the country's only severe weather advisories were in effect in western Newfoundland, where 15-25 mm of rain is expected into Monday, with up to 40 mm in some areas.

    The mainland won't escape a soaking. While Nova Scotia will see pleasant conditions Sunday, northern New Brunswick will be seeing showers starting in the afternoon, pushing through the rest of the Maritimes through the evening and overnight hours.

    By the end of Monday, up to 30 mm of rain could fall.

    The Maritime provinces are looking unsettled for Labour Day, while Newfoundland can count on a fair day, thanks to high pressure to their north.


    You'd be forgiven about grumbling that summer took its time coming to Ontario, but the horrid humidity of early last week, as well as Saturday, means that it has indeed arrived, and it seems to be making up for the rest of the season.

    The thick humidity of yesterday won't be going anywhere until after the weekend, and that means lots of thunderstorm risk.

    Storms on Saturday sparked severe thunderstorm watches and warnings for the Barrie, Kingston, Orillia and Huron shores regions, triggered by a passing cold front.

    To the north, Wawa, Sault Ste. Marie and Sudbury were all under rainfall warnings, with at least one viewer calling in to the Weather Network to report more than 80 mm of rain near the later city.

    And it's not over yet, with some rain still set to fall.

    As for storms, the biggest risk will be for eastern Ontario and southern Quebec, as the system that affected the southwest Saturday moves east.

    "There's a risk of thunderstorms in the Greater Toronto Area toward the late-day due to daytime heating, though the greater risk will be toward Windsor," Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm says.

    On Labour Day, a significant low pressure system will push through northern Ontario, bringing heavy rain and an embedded thunderstorm risk.


    Southeastern Saskatchewan saw plenty of rain on Saturday, but real thunderstorms took aim at the Calgary, Olds and Sundre area.

    They sparked severe thunderstorm warnings in those areas, and reports of hail and heavy rain accompanied these storms as they progressed through the night toward Saskatchewan.

    For Sunday, the storm risk is focussed on northern Alberta and through much of Saskatchewan, although those storms are not expected to be severe. There's also a chance of storms in the Alberta foothills.

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    Manitoba, meanwhile, will be drenched with rain, part of a significant low gradually intensifying as it moves into northwestern Ontario.

    British Columbia

    The Interior saw some non-severe thunderstorms yet again, around the Kelowna and Kamloops area.

    Rain, meanwhile, will continue to fall along the northern coast, with up to 60 mm expected to fall by Monday.

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