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People across most of Canada are in for a rainy Sunday. Get the details here.

Morning Briefing: Four things to know

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    Sunday, June 15, 2014, 9:12 AM -

    While some Canadians are in for a sunny Father's Day, most have some kind of cloud or rain in the forecast.

    Here's a coast-to-coast round-up of what you can expect in your part of Canada.

    Atlantic Canada

    The east coast is still seeing showers on Sunday.

    New Brunswick has seen the highest amounts so far, as of early this morning:

    The good news is, the worst is over for that province, with Prince Edward Island and eastern Nova Scotia in the system's sights in Maritimes Sunday.

    Newfoundland is also on track for rain, with the highest amounts falling on the northern shores of the province.

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    There's no real rain in the forecast for southern Ontario on Sunday, although in the northwest, it's another story.

    Environment Canada issued a rainfall warning for the Fort Frances area, along with a special weather statement warning of significant amounts elsewhere in the northwest, through to Monday.

    Monday, meanwhile, is when the south is in for story weather, with a chance of non-severe thunderstorms widespread through the region.

    Prairie provinces

    Rain has been affecting the Prairie provinces since Friday, and there's still plenty left to fall in Alberta and Saskatchewan by Monday.

    The heaviest amounts are set to fall in Alberta, which saw the first tornado of the season confirmed after thunderstorms on Friday night.

    Overall temperatures on Saturday were a mixed bag, with parts of the south flirting with low double digit highs, cooler overall than areas further north.

    British Columbia

    Canada's west-coast province is in for more rain on Sunday, mostly centred in the interior.

    There will be breaks in the showers, however, although forecast highs will be in the mid-teens throughout the province.

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