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Sunny skies never last forever. Rain's either on the way shortly, or here already, depending on where you are in Canada. Here's a coast-to-coast look at what to expect.

Morning Briefing: Four things to know about Tuesday

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 7:45 AM - Rain's either on the way shortly, or here already, depending on where you are in Canada.

Here's a coast-to-coast look at what to expect.

Atlantic Canada

Rainfall warnings are still in effect for parts of central Newfoundland, as a system rolls slowly over the province after bringing a few showers to the Maritimes into Monday night.

Parts of the island are in for more than 40 mm of rain, although the bulk of it will fall Tuesday into Wednesday. 

Tuesday will also bear some non-severe storm risk for most of Newfoundland.

However, meteorologist Matt Grinter says the rain will linger in some form for most of the week over the island, although it'll slowly taper off into scattered, then isolated showers by Friday.

In the Maritimes, parts of Cape Breton and Prince Edward Island may see some thunderstorm risk, along with southeastern New Brunswick, but the rest of the region is expected to be relatively clear.


Southern Ontario is looking at a decent start to the day, with mostly clear skies until the afternoon, when clouds begin to roll in.

Thunderstorm risk for the evening is mostly focused on areas west of London.

Overnight, an approaching low will begin to affect southern Ontario, with the south looking at a showery day on Wednesday.

Along with that, non-severe storms are also possible across the region Wednesday.

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Manitoba, parts of Saskatchewan and northwestern Ontario are looking at a warm Tuesday, with the humidity making it feel like 35.

But further west, a cold front sweeping down through Alberta will bring some risk of thunderstorms, with a chance of isolated severe in the south of that province and Saskatchewan, with the biggest risks being heavy rain, large hail and strong winds.

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Behind that cold front will be some very cold air, for August at least, driving temperatures down into the low-to-mid teens in Alberta.

Wednesday carries more widespread risk of thunderstorms, with any severe pop-ups likely to be on the Saskatchewan - Manitoba border.

British Columbia

Tuesday should see some thunderstorm risk in the Interior, but it'll be cooler than people in that region have come to expect from that summer, with most communities not reaching 30oC.

Severe thunderstorm watches were issued for the southern Interior early Tuesday morning, with the primary threats being torrential rains and strong winds.

The coast, meanwhile, continues seasonal and sunny, with some clouds.

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