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The long weekend is over and it's back to school for many across Canada. Here's your weather forecast for September 2nd.

Morning Briefing: Four things to know about Tuesday

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Rodrigo Cokting
Staff writer

Tuesday, September 2, 2014, 7:14 AM - Did you get away for the long weekend?

If you feel a little out of the loop, here’s what you need to know about today’s weather across the country.

1. School showers in southern Ontario

Southern Ontario will start off pretty warm with humidex values reaching the low 30s. There is a chance of isolated showers this morning so if you’re getting your kids ready for the first day of school, make sure to pack an umbrella or a raincoat. Later today, the risk of thunderstorms extends through Ontario. For Eastern Ontario, the biggest threats will be rain and wind.

The continued risk of storms might be a downer for those that already had a stormy long weekend but fortunately, change might be right around the corner.

”A high pressure system is moving in behind the passing system,” said Kelly Sonnenburg. “Southern Ontario looks to be dry on Wednesday and the majority of Thursday.

Temperatures will remain warm for the rest of the week until Thursday night, when a cold front makes its way through the area bringing the temperatures down to seasonal or even a few degrees cooler.

For northern Ontario, a trough passing through today will being the risk of non-severe scattered thunderstorms.

2. Fog-filled Maritimes

Much of the region is waking up to dense fog patches bringing some issues for the morning commute.

”There is a chance of isolated showers in parts of the Maritimes today, while Newfoundland should remain dry for the most part,” said Sonnenburg. “An advancing system could bring the risk of isolated thundershowers to the western parts of New Brunswick today.”

Temperatures, on the other hand, will remain above seasonal and humid for the region. In St. John’s the contrast between the sea surface and land temperatures could bring some fog to the Avalon throughout the day.

3. Not the best Tuesday for the Prairies

An upper level trough is going to bring quite a bit of messy weather for the Prairies today. Expect instability as scattered showers and thunderstorms are possible all across the region.

”A system moving into Alberta will bring unsettled and unpleasant conditions for southern Alberta today and tomorrow,” said Sonnenburg. “Some places in Alberta could see rainfall amounts of up to 50 mm. This system is tracking along the international border and will bring rainy cool conditions to southern Saskatchewan on Wednesday and then Manitoba by Thursday.

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4. Rainy and cool out west

A very rainy and cool day for Vancouver today. Showers will continue throughout the day for the interior and the coast but should start to dry out overnight. Vancouver, in particular, will see a great recovery as temperatures will bounce back well above seasonal and conditions will stay dry.

Parts of Vancouver Island could see isolated thunderstorms today.

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