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Thick fog coats the east, while an extending cold front could bring severe weather to the west. Here's your daily weather briefing for Thursday, July 31.

Morning Briefing: Fog, thunderstorms, and wildfires

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Thursday, July 31, 2014, 8:06 AM -

Thick fog coats the east, while an extending cold front could bring severe weather to the west. Here's your daily weather briefing for Thursday, July 31. 

1. Dense fog and high humidity in the east 

Persistent fog with visibility near zero is expected for the entire south coast of Newfoundland. 

"A southwesterly flow of humid air will continue to produce persistent fog today through Friday where winds blow onshore," says Environment Canada in a fog advisory. "Fog will be most extensive during the night and morning hours, partially retreating to the coat during the day."

Fog is expected to dissipate in Port aux Basques and vicinity Friday morning. 

The Maritimes will remain mainly dry, while showers and high humidity are expected for Newfoundland. 

"While conditions are expected to remain below the heat warning criteria for the northern Avalon, including St. John's, it should be noted that both temperature and humidex values are once again forecast to approach all-time record highs," says EC.

Humidex values over 35 can be expected for parts of the Avalon. Those engaging in strenuous outdoor activities are advised to drink plenty of fluids, especially water, before feeling thirsty in order to remain hydrated. 

Residents should also consider rescheduling outdoor activities to cooler parts of the day if possible. 

For more summer hydration information, click here. 

2. A break from the early Fall-like weather pattern for southern Ontario 

The early Fall-like weather pattern will continue through Thursday with high temperatures several degrees below well below what we typically see during the final days of July.

Thursday will bring a mixture of sun and clouds with the threat for scattered showers, but overall we will see a drier day across the region as the showers should be less numerous with less potential for the torrential downpours that some places saw during Wednesday afternoon. 

Friday will look similar to Thursday with a mixture of sun and clouds and the threat for a passing shower or thunderstorm, but temperatures for the first day of August will feel more like summer with highs in the mid 20s and a humidex in the lower 30s across southern Ontario.

Meanwhile, conditions are once again favourable for the development of waterspouts over Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Weather Network reporter Kasia Bodurka will be speaking with the director of The International Centre For Waterspout Research and providing updates on TV throughout the morning and afternoon.

3. Isolated severe thunderstorms for parts of the Prairies 

It's going to be a warm day for parts of the southern Prairies, but not quite as hot as it has been, especially in Alberta. Daytime temperatures have been running high on the Prairies this week, thanks to an omega blocking pattern that has kept hot air over the region.

Heat and humidity are, of course, key ingredients for thunderstorms, which are in the offing for parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. 

No watches and warnings have been issued as of yet.

4. Wildfire woes continue for British Columbia and the Northwest Territories 

Air quality advisories were issued for parts of the Northwest Territories, including Yellowknife, due to massive wildfires that continue to burn in the region.

The fires have burned a record total of more than a million hectares in the territory. 

Dry and hot conditions haven't helped, nor have they in British Columbia, which is in the thick of its own wildfire fight.

That province has seen the most days above 30 °C this summer so far, and although there was some respite last week, wildfire risk is on the rise again, with B.C.'s Wildfire Management Branch reporting moderate to extreme wildfire risk across much of the province. A wildfire ban is in place for the province this weekend.


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