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Seven provinces could see storms of some kind on what is a holiday Monday for many, and a tropical cyclone may soon be affecting our shores.

Morning Briefing: Storm risk, and a looming tropical cyclone

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    Daniel Martins
    Digital Reporter

    Monday, August 4, 2014, 7:50 AM -

    Seven provinces could see storms of some kind on what is a holiday Monday for many, and a tropical cyclone may soon be affecting our shores.

    Here's what to look out for, coast to coast.

    Atlantic Canada

    A tropical cyclone advisory is in place in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland, ahead of tropical storm Bertha, which is expected to track northward from the Bahamas and begin affecting Atlantic Canada on Wednesday and Thursday.

    "Current models indicate the majority of the system should stay east of the Nova Scotia shores," Weather Network meteorologist Brett Soderholm said Monday morning. "However, strong winds and high waves will certainly have an impact for Nova Scotia."

    For Newfoundland, the storm will likely reach the Avalon peninsula by Thursday night.

    "Heavy precipitation, strong winds and high waves are all concerns, despite it likely having a post-tropical designation by this time."

    As for Monday, a weak trough is still bringing rain to southern Nova Scotia and much of New Brunswick, with amounts less than 10 mm, and there's a chance of thunderstorms in New Brunswick in the evening.

    Those storms are expected to be non-severe, although they could deliver locally heavy rain.


    Localized heavy rain fell in parts of eastern Ontario on Sunday, including the Kingston and Belleville areas.

    A funnel cloud was spotted in the Hamilton area,  and further north, a passing cold front brought heavy rain to Timmins and the surrounding areas around 11 p.m.

    "That same cold front will likely trigger storms east of Georgian Bay later this evening, and could cause storms to develop in southern Ontario late-evening," Soderholm says. "This cold front is very slow moving, so thunderstorms could develop on Tuesday as well."

    Temperature-wise, things will be close to seasonal, with the humidity making it feel like the low 30s.

    More non-severe storms are forecast for Tuesday.

    TUNE IN: Watch the Weather Network on TV for updates on these storms. If it's safe to do so, upload your pictures and videos here.

    Prairie provinces

    Thunderstorms developed in Saskatchewan's North Battleford and Prince Albert areas Sunday night, prompting severe thunderstorm warnings and dropping heavy rain and small hail.

    Storms also developed in the Alberta foothills, prompting warnings in Red Deer County.

    "As these storms were slow moving, the greatest threat was heavy rain," Soderholm says.

    "There's a chance yet again to see convective storms develop in the foothills, and along the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, with the possibility to be isolated severe."

    Northern Manitoba could also see an isolated storm, although likely non-severe, and there's a chance for still more storms across the region on Tuesday.

    British Columbia

    A few storms developed in the Interior as expected, although none were considered severe.

    There's a chance to see an isolated storm develop in the same region Monday, although Soderholm says the risk is fairly minimal.

    "The lower mainland is still well above seasonal, although a return to seasonal will gradually happen over the next few days," he says.

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