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Communities like Goderich had a rough night of storms. See where the risk is today.

More waterspout risk in Ontario today

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, July 30, 2014, 9:19 AM -

Forecasters are predicting another couple of days of waterspout risk over the waters of the Great Lakes.

And there's more thunderstorm risk on Wednesdaym with Environment Canada issuing severe thunderstorm warnings for most of the Niagara region and Eastern Ontario.

This after a night of storms which were significant in some communities, with hail, strong winds and torrential downpours.

Cooler temperatures - mostly not far above the 20oC mark for most communities - are increasing the risk of the spouts. With cooler air over lake water that has not cooled down to the same extent, some wind sheer could be enough to spark rotation, and several of the spouts were apparent over the Great Lakes.

One or more waterspouts could have been within an offshore cell that lashed the Goderich area Tuesday night, with strong winds, large hail and lightning.

Environment Canada issued a special weather statement for that cell as it was active, warning of a chance of a severe thunderstorm with tornado risk, but it stopped short of issuing an actual warning.

Elsewhere, Tuesday night's storms caused torrential downpours in the Nickel Belt, with some localized flooding and road washouts reported.

An omega blocking pattern is holding Canada's weather mostly in place this week, which explains why the lower-than-seasonal temperatures are lingering.

Along with that, there is a chance of showers or storms almost every night this week. On Wednesday night, the risk of non-severe storms stretches through almost all of southern Ontario.

Environment Canada issued severe thunderstorm warnings for the Niagara region at 1:23 p.m. Wednesday, referring to a line of storms capable of producing up to 75 mm of rain in some areas over the course of a couple of hours, along with small hail.

Warnings in Lanark County in eastern Ontario were also added, also warning of up to 75 mm of rainfall in only a couple of hours.

On Thursday, meanwhile, the risk seems less widespread, focussed mostly on eastern Ontario.

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