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Fortunately only two required special attention

More than 100 dogs rescued in Oklahoma

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    Sunday, November 24, 2013, 2:44 PM -

    A citizen's complaint led to a full on investigation into an Oklahoma City breeder. 

    A total of 124 dogs were rescued from deplorable conditions. 

    The owner faces 124 counts of failure to provide humane care as well as two counts of failure to provide veterinary care to a dog. 

    The breeder's social websites showed pictures of happy and healthy dogs, but Animal Welfare Office Mike Cronic says that's far from the case. 

    Officials found cockroaches in the food, feces all over the environment, ventilation issues and incredibly dirty cages. 

    The location in questions passed their inspection and renewed its license five months prior. Officials think the owner must have prepared for the inspection, knowing ahead of time the date. Once the inspection was done, the conditions for the animals worsened. 

    Of all the animals at the puppy mill breeder, 124 were taken into custoy but 41 were left behind as they were living in acceptable conditions. Only two animals required medical care. The rest appeared to be healthy.

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