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A developing system in the Prairies is expected to bring rain to southern Ontario on Sunday and Monday. As temperatures fall through the day Monday, the rain will likely change to snow and possibly continue on Tuesday morning. Where will the snow fall? Details here.

More snow threatens to hit parts of Ontario early next week

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, April 11, 2014, 2:39 PM -

We warned you of the risk earlier this week and as we inch closer, computer models are starting to become a bit clearer.

"A developing system in the Prairies will bring rain to southern Ontario on Sunday along with more rain on Monday," says Weather Network meteorologist Monica Vaswani. "But temperatures fall through the day Monday and the rain will likely change to snow late Monday and possibly continue on Tuesday morning."

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According to Vaswani, new models have indicated that the chance of accumulating snow in the Greater Toronto Area has diminished as moisture may move out of the region earlier on Tuesday rather than later in the day.

"That being said, there is still the potential for accumulating snowfall in parts of northern Ontario such as the Nickelbelt region where temperatures will be much colder," Vaswani says. "There is still some model uncertainty so the details could change given this is still a few days out."

"Either way, a very sharp temperature gradient will exist on either side of the cold front on Monday, which will likely be slicing northern and southern Ontario in two (one side being rain, and one side being snow)," Vaswani adds. "Temperatures will fall for everyone in Ontario once that front completely slides through during the evening on Monday such that Tuesday daytime highs will only be a few degrees above freezing."

That's after temperatures peaked near 20°C in parts of southern Ontario on Thursday, marking the warmest day of the year so far.

According to Brian Dillon, another meteorologist at The Weather Network, the last time temperatures got that high was on October 16, when it reached 21°C.

Will this battle between winter and spring continue? Read a detailed analysis from meteorologist Brad Rousseau.

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