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Historic stretch of cold underway in Montreal

Sunday, December 31, 2017, 6:08 PM - Dangerous cold has settled in across Canada, and southern Quebec has begun to feel the grip of persistent, sub-zero temperatures.

Montreal has been in the deep freeze since at least Wednesday, when the city reached a daily high of -18°C, kicking off a multi-day stretch of days consistently -15°C or below. 

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The city has experienced only 6 stretches of -15°C or below temperatures for longer than 5 days since 1942. The longest consecutive stretch, 10 days straight, took place between Feb. 9 to Feb. 18, 1979.

Consecutive days under -15°C since 1942 in Montreal:

Most of the province was once again covered in extreme cold warnings Sunday, with a very cold start to the new year expected.

"Wind chill values will again intensify for the New Year's celebrations. Overnight Monday, Tuesday and potentially into Wednesday morning, wind chill values of minus 35 to minus 45 are expected over the same regions," Environment Canada says.

Source: MeteoMedia

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