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Month long dry spell ends in BC

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    Thursday, August 1, 2013, 10:47 AM -

    There's been no shortage of sunny and dry conditions across BC, but that weather pattern is about to change. Just in time for the August long weekend.

    "The persistent ridge of high pressure that has steered all weak summer storms northward into the Gulf of Alaska will be replaced by a weak low pressure system that will eventually bring showers and thunderstorms," Environment Canada warns. 

    After breaking the record for the sunniest and driest month ever, one millimetre of rain was recorded just after midnight on Thursday at Vancouver's airport.

    The low pressure system is expected to linger over the next few days bringing rain and thunderstorms to southern BC. 

    The rain is expected to gradually spread northward.

    With the long weekend upon us and many large public events scheduled in BC, officials are urging event organizers to be aware of the thunderstorm potential. Lightning, downpours, gusty winds and hail are all possible. 

    "Campers, boaters and hikers noticing a darkening sky or sudden increases in the wind, should seek shelter immediately when thunderstorms are in the forecast," says Environment Canada.

    Unsettled weather expected this weekend

    Unsettled weather expected this weekend

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