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A winter storm has pounded the U.S. northeast, leaving close to a million without power.

Millions impacted by powerful U.S. winter storm

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    Thursday, February 6, 2014, 2:39 PM -

    Over a hundred million people continue to dig out from Wednesday's massive snowstorm, with close to a million people without power.

    Nearly 30 cm of snow fell in parts of the Boston area -- forcing schools and government offices to close.

    Roads blocked by downed trees and power lines and mounds of snow made driving nearly impossible from Kansas to New York.

    The Pennsylvania turnpike shut down for hours after a fatal car crash near the state's capital.

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    Hundreds of thousands of homes in Pennsylvania face more power outages from this powerful winter storm than from superstorm sandy.

    Heavy snow and ice accumulation on trees caused branches to fall, knocking down power lines, and officials warn power may not be restored for days.

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