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The wild weather rollercoaster continues across much of Alberta.

Mild today, snow tomorrow, wacky weather continues to hit Alberta

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013, 11:49 AM -

The wild weather rollercoaster continues across much of Alberta.

Mild and unseasonable temperatures were reported in southern Alberta on Tuesday with places like Calgary and Lethbridge seeing daytime highs close to 10°C. It wasn't as mild in Edmonton, but the city still hit 3°C, about 10 degrees above normal.

But similar to how the fall season has played out so far, the warmer weather was short lived.

Snowfall warnings were issued for parts of the region early Wednesday with up to 15 cm of snow forecast in the hardest hit places.

"Calgary isn't included in the warning and won't see as much snow, but the city can still expect about 10 cm and a big drop in temperatures as well," says Monica Vaswani, a meteorologist at The Weather Network.

In addition to the snow and cooler temperatures, gusty winds could result in drifting and blowing snow for some places.

As a result, motorists are being warned to prepare for winter driving conditions and adjust travel plans if necessary.

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