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A rare good-news story in the wake of the deadly Washington landslide.

Meet the men who rescued a child from a mudslide

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Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, April 5, 2014, 1:03 PM -

In the video above, Sean Wright sounds still seems to not quite believe what happened, even though he was right there when it did.

He was one of three men searching for survivors of the deadly March 22 landslide in Washington State. He and the others spotted four-year-old Jacob Spillers, alive, conscious and calm, standing waist deep in mud.

They scooped him out of there and took him to safety, and it seems his grateful mother Jonielle Spillers, urged him to come forward with history.

It's a rare bright story in an otherwise awful situation. At last count, the death toll stood at 30, with some 13 still missing.

The Spillers family is among those who are still grieving. Although Jacob is safe, two of his siblings did not survive the slide. His father and two-year-old sister are still missing.

With files from CNN and the Associated Press.

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