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A pack of 30 coyotes chased a 21-year-old until he called the cops for help

Meet coyote—the bounty hunter

Tuesday, October 28, 2014, 12:45 PM - Move over, Dog. You might have some canine competition in the bounty hunting business.

In Illinois, 21-year-old Daniel Rice escaped police custody while being treated at a localhospital for a heart problem. Rice didn't get too far, he ended up calling the police himself and said he needed help because he was being chased by more than 30 coyotes when he wandered onto a Nature Preserve.

Rice was nude at the time they recaptured him after his hospital gown came off when he ran away and was recognized because of the pacemaker in his chest.

Rice is currently in jail in Iowa facing charges of theft, burglary and criminal mischief.

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What to do when you encounter a coyote

Coyotes are often spotted in many Canadian cities including London, Vancouver and Oakville. Usually a sign of coyotes in the area is the sudden death of small dogs.

They are rare among the animal world in that they have generally adapted to city living, hiding and hunting small prey.

Officials often suggest not letting your pets run loose when coyotes are in the area. Also, don't leave food outside your home at night. Pick up fruit from any trees. But most importantly if you encounter a coyote experts suggests you stand up straight, lift your arms and yell loudly. This can potentially scare the animal away as well as alert others nearby.

If you do encounter one make sure to let local officials know.

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