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McDonald's blames cold weather for a drop in sales

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    Cheryl Santa Maria
    Digital Reporter

    Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 2:34 PM -

    In a case sure to have fast food giant McDonald's not McLovin' it, a recent report revealed that U.S. sales were down over three percent in January, and cold weather is being pointed to as the culprit.

    The company is blaming the bad weather for the decline, despite various reports that indicate the world's largest hamburger chain is struggling to find consistency with its menu while competitors continue to challenge with value menus and healthier options. The U.S. saw the full gamut of wild weather last month, from droughts in California, to massive snowstorms, to a deep freeze that seemed never-ending.

    All this may have led to consumers staying home for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    But it isn't all bad news: global sales rose by 1.2 per cent, and included the opening of its first store in Vietnam. But still, some pundits and Chief Executive Officer Don Thompson have admitted that a 'loss of relevance' may also be contributing to the decline.

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    McDonald’s has more than 35,000 locations around the world and continues to look at global expansion as a way to offset a weaker domestic growth.

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