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A dog on a lawnmower

Man's best friend helps with summer chores

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    Friday, June 14, 2013, 11:06 AM -

    Doing weekly summer chores like mowing the lawn can get a bit boring...But not for one Vermont man who always has his trusty companion on board.

    Henry Ilsley created a special chair on his mower for his dog "Mia" to ride in. He says the dog never wants to leave his side, so he had to get creative.

    "When I went to mow, with the lawn mower, she wanted to be right between my legs. And that wasn't a safe place, so that's why I got the kids' lawn chair and rigged that up so she would have a safe place to ride."

    The special chair includes a piece of foam to make Mia comfortable and some wires so she won't fall off.

    Ilsley suffers from chronic pain and Mia is a therapy dog of sorts.

    He says his daughter gave the animal to him when he went on disability in 2007.

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