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Shawn Wright of Calgary took advantage of great weather and a weather balloon to show his wife how much he loves her.

Man sends his wife's engagement ring into space

Cheryl Santa Maria
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, December 16, 2015, 7:08 PM - When Shawn Wright of Calgary, Alta. bought an engagement ring for his wife, he wanted to do something special with it -- so he set in motion a plan that is out of this world.

Wright originally proposed to his wife in Barcelona, Spain, using a "stand-in" ring.

After a year of saving, he was finally able to purchase the real ring. Before giving it to her he wanted to do something special with it.

"I thought it would be really cool to, kind of, enchant it," he tells The Weather Network.

That's when Wright decided he would send the ring into space.

It took a lot of research and some planning, but he was able to pull the plan off without a hitch.

He launched the device on clear day in October in Calgary. It landed some 300 km away in Taber after reaching an altitude of 110,000 feet.

Wright was able to follow the ring in real-time with the help of a GPS tracker. He had to get his amateur radio license so he could follow the radio GPS tracker, which he did on evenings and weekends along with his other planning.

"I told my wife I was working late," he says.

Wright secured the ring to a kitchen spatula and filmed its ascent with a GoPro. He says he was prepared to lose the ring had something gone wrong.

Thankfully, nothing did. Now he and his wife have an other-worldly story to share.

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