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Man grabs bear by tongue in unconventional survival tactic

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    Monday, October 14, 2013, 10:16 PM -

    One Grand Falls, New Brunswick man is lucky to be alive after coming face-to-face with a black bear. 

    But what had officials stunned wasn't the fact that he survived the attack, but rather how he survived. 

    Gilles Cyr was walking through his woodlot two weeks ago when suddenly a bear jumped in front of him. Instead of panicking, Cyr decided to take matters into his own hands -- literally -- by grabbing the bears tongue and not letting go. 

    In an interview with CBC, Cyr said the bear knocked him to the ground when it suddenly came flying out of the bushes. He said his first instinct was to grab the bear by the tongue as it horrifyingly growled within inches of his face. 

    The showdown lasted a few minutes before Cyr was able to escape behind a tree. He said the bear followed him at first, but quickly lost interest and walked away. 

    Remarkably, Cyr escaped the near fatal experience with just superficial wounds to his stomach and knee.

    With files from CBC

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