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Forecasters are warning of a major icy system. See how much ice could accumulate.

Major ice storm begins to creep through Ontario

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Saturday, December 21, 2013, 2:51 PM -

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After a night of freezing rain over a large swath of southern Ontario, meteorologists say round two on Saturday night will be a full-blown ice storm.

In fact, a huge swath of southern and eastern Ontario could see 20 mm of freezing rain or more, with some models predicting as much as 50 mm in places like Toronto or Hamilton.

Environment Canada was also warning of Saturday night's ice storm potential for days in advance, while authorities are warning drivers that, aside from a window on Saturday morning, Saturday night into Sunday morning is not the time to be driving.

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Winter storm and freezing rain warnings were widespread throughout southern Ontario and Quebec Saturday. Toronto and Montreal, Canada's two largest cities, were under freezing rain and winter storm warnings respectively as of early Saturday morning.

And north of the line of freezing rain, more snow on the way for communities that have likely seen too much of it already for their liking.

RELATED: 'Extensive tree damage and power outages are likely in the hardest hit areas', says The Weather Networks Chief Meteorologist Chris Scott.

And once the system is done, Atlantic Canada is sitting squarely in its path.

The weather service cautions the storm may topple trees and power lines and wreak havoc on roads. 

The storm has already led to cancellations and delays at Montreal's Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport on one of the busiest travel weekends of the year. There area also cancellations and delays at Pearson Airport in Toronto.

Region already saw some freezing rain

Friday night already delivered a taste of things to come to many parts of Ontario and Quebec.

Among the trouble spots Saturday afternoon was Kingston, where tree branches became encased in ice and city streets were made slick from freezing rain the night before. More than 14,000 customers in Kingston and other parts of eastern Ontario were hit by outages, according to the website of Ontario's Hydro One. Those numbers are likely to rise as the storm continues through the overnight. For more information on outages, visit HydroOne.ca.

As residents woke up on Saturday, the twitterverse was filled with pictures of frozen cars, roads and trees.

With those kind of ice amounts, it's not uncommon to find your neighbourhood street has become a skating rink, literally in the case of these folks in the Kingston area:

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