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A techical issue restricted flights in and out of the London airspace Friday, leaving officials scrambling to divert planes and find alternative landing options for several planes. It has since been restored.

Computer failure at Heathrow Airport restored; ripple effect expected to last

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    Friday, December 12, 2014, 11:03 AM - A reported computer glitch shut down London's Heathrow Airport Friday, leaving hundreds of planes in the air and officials searching for a way to divert traffic and regain order.

    The glitch will have a ripple effect globally as London's Heathrow Airport is a major European and international hub for travelers. For Canadians traveling to the United Kingdom or Europe, check ahead for any delays. 


    Passenger volume by terminal 2013:

    Terminal 1 – 13.8 million passengers on 114,830 flights
    Terminal 2 – Opened 2014
    Terminal 3 – 18.4 million passengers on 92,639 flights
    Terminal 4 – 10.4 million passengers on 60,109 flights
    Terminal 5 – 29.8 million passengers on 199,627 flights

    Total size of Heathrow Airport: 1,227 hectares

    Number of runways: 2
    Length of runways: Northern 3,902m x 50m. Southern 3,660m x 50m.


    Annual air transport movements in 2013: 469,552
    Daily average air transport movements in 2013: 1,286

    Destinations and airlines

    Number of airlines: 82
    Number of destinations served: 180 (in 85 countries)

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