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'Little doubt' that a meteor streaked across the southern Ontario skies Sunday, expert says

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Monday, May 5, 2014, 9:05 AM -

Dozens of Ontarians took to social media on Sunday to report a "loud rumble" or a "bright flash of light."

According to Peter Brown, a meteor expert at the University of Western Ontario, the videos and photos posted online combined with data the university recorded are all consistent with a meteor.

Brown says he has little doubt that it was indeed a meteor that streaked across the skies Sunday afternoon.

In a report from The Canadian Press, Brown says a series of microphones the university has suggest the shockwave originated around Peterborough.

He says "the characteristics of the shockwave suggest the energy of the fireball was roughly equivalent to a few tons of TNT," The Canadian Press notes. "That would translate into something on the order of half to one metre in diameter and that's going to be a mass of .... a few metric tons."

Residents from several communities including Toronto, Oshawa and Peterborough all reported a bright flash or loud boom.

"Meteor just went over cobourg/porthope and broke the sound barrier. Just heard the sonic boom," tweeted Lily Garner. "I saw it! Bright green at Ave-401," another twitter user posted.

No injuries or damage has been reported, but Brown says it's possible some "flaming fragments" hit the ground.

"It would not surprise me if meteorites are found," Brown said.

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Here's what was reported on Twitter:

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