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TORONTO FLOOD | Social media reactions

Twitter unhappy with Lisa MacLeod's Toronto flood tweet

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Thursday, August 9, 2018, 12:41 PM - An Ontario cabinet minister is being accused of politicizing the recent Toronto flooding on Twitter.

Toronto experienced catastrophic flooding Tuesday evening courtesy of a slow-moving cluster of storms that dropped close to 120 mm of rain in some areas, including parts of the city's downtown core.

Several road and public transit closures remained in place through Wednesday morning.

Around that time Ontario PC cabinet minister Lisa MacLeod sent out what some are calling an 'oblivious' tweet.

"Still can’t find the chaos in Toronto the NDP is claiming," reads the August 8 post.

"Beautiful morning in the Provincial capital."

MacLeod doesn't specify what "chaos" she is referring to.

The tweet appears to be one of the most, if not the most, popular one on her profile. By August 9, it had garnered 1,300 comments, the majority of them negative.

Liberal MP Adam Vaughan responded by calling the tweet "callous, arrogant and oblivious."

Others called it"tone-deaf" and insensitive.

Some responded by sharing news stories of the devastating floods.

MacLeod has been silent on Twitter ever since.

She has not released any public communications clarifying her previous statement.


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