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Like skating? Add a chainsaw to the mix

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Sunday, April 5, 2015, 11:36 AM - Chainsaws are remarkably versatile tools, useful for yard work, clearing debris and fending off small-to-mid-sized zombie hordes -- but we never would have thought they'd have a place in ice skating.

It seems Swedish pro-skier Erik Sunnerheim was bored one day in March, and decided to invent a new winter sport: Using a chainsaw to propel himself on skates on a frozen lake.

The video was uploaded by Swedish winter sports website Freeride, which describes Sunnerheim as, not inaccurately, "going MacGuyver."

It seems the Swedes had just as wretched a winter as people in eastern Canada, as far as temperatures go. The stunt was shot on a lake around the Åre skiing in north-central Sweden near Ostersund (In latitude terms, about as far north as the southern tip of Baffin Island), which was apparently frozen over enough to allow Sunnerheim to propel himself without breaking through the ice.

We'll give full credit to Sunnerheim for ingenuity, even as we tell you: Do NOT try this at home.


WATCH BELOW: Nova Scotian man uncovers a new way to clear snow and ice:

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