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Lightning strike hits and breaks tree, narrowly missing parked vehicle

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    Dalia Ibrahim
    Digital Reporter

    Saturday, April 26, 2014, 2:48 PM -

    I guess you could say it was his lucky day. 

    One man in China managed to escape unharmed after a lightning strike hit and practically exploded a tree just metres ahead of where he was parked. 

    In the video above, you see another car pass and disappear into the distance then...BOOM! A lightning strike takes down a tree, destroying it with a deep rumble of thunder almost immediately. 

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    Now, people are actually fairly safe in a fully-enclosed, all-metal vehicle, as the lightning charge goes around the outside of the vehicle, creating a Faraday effect and protecting the occupants inside -- so long as they're not touching any interior metallic areas on the vehicle. 

    Trees function as lightning rods, conducting electrical charges from the clouds. Oaks, elms, pines, spruce, poplars, maples and ash are most likely to receive a lightning hit.

    For lightning safety tips, click here.

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