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An astronaut shot this rare video from the International Space Station that left him speechless.

Lightning seen from the International Space Station.

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Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, August 8, 2014, 10:54 AM - Mother Nature's fury on Earth is visible from space.

See those bright flashes in the video above? That's actually lightning.

MUST SEE: MUST SEE: Fierce lightning too close to home

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman shot this video from the International Space Station and says the bright sight left him, "speechless."

Similar sights were seen right here at home earlier this week, as severe thunderstorms ripped through parts of the Prairies.

Heavy downpours, large hail and intense lightning strikes were reported.

In this video, you can see as a fierce lightning strike literally knocks the camera out of an Albertan's hand.

Despite being indoors, the storm hit a little too close to home.

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