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Least eco-friendly place you visit each day, but where?

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    Renee Tratch
    Digital Writer, theweathernetwork.com

    Monday, September 14, 2015, 1:32 PM - Back to school or just back at your desk? Whether you’re one of a hundred employees or alone in your home office, everyone wants a healthy and productive work environment. And you can lighten your ecological footprint while you do it.

    Many Toronto and area companies are making green a priority. The 2015 winners of Canada’s Greenest Employers are leading the way with planet-friendly practices. So how to get there? It is so much more than double-sided printing and shutting down computers at the end of the day. Here are some new sustainable choices to up the green in your work place.

    Recycled supplies: The Toronto-based company R3vovled is inspiring green action by turning waste, mostly from plastic water bottles, into school, home and office supplies. In fact, their back to school launch across Canada has diverted over 300,000 plastic bottles. The products and packaging are not only colourful, but they show how many plastic bottles were used to make that product -- five plastic bottles make one ruler.

    Upcycled gear: Torontonians already know what they can and can’t put in the blue bin. But what about the rest? For the non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste (such as drink pouches, chip bags and tooth brushes), TerraCycle will collect, upcycle and recycle them to make items from bags to benches. They even collect dried up markers and the world's No. 1 litter: cigarette butts. See how they convert them:

    Cleaner air: So many people are stuck inside all day breathing in interior air that in many rooms and offices are filled with synthetic fragrances from things like body products, candles and cleaners. If you can’t convince your company to go scent-free, the best route is to have good ventilation and deodorize with baking soda or an essential oil-based, non-aerosol eco-friendly air freshener (such as the soon to be launched Buddha Fresh.) And bring the outdoors in - indoor plants are known to help improve air quality.

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