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The impact blasted him off his feet as he tried to snap photographs of the storm on Canada Day.

Lakefield, Ontario man shocked by lightning

Tuesday, July 1, 2014, 8:38 PM - A man from Lakefield took to social media after an unexpected shock on Canada Day.

Tim Rollwagen was outside taking pictures of the stormy weather in the Peterborough county when lightning struck the wire fence he was touching. The powerful impact blasted him off his feet.

The unfortunate event left Rollwagen shaking and with pain in his left foot. He immediately went to the clinic where doctors determined an ECG was necessary before clearing him.

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Stay tuned for an update from Tim Rollwagon coming shortly.

Thunder roars, head indoors

According to Environment Canada, approximately 2 million lightning strikes occur every year killing about 10 people and injuring somewhere between 100 and 150. Some ways to avoid the potential danger of lightning striking is to stay inside a building with plumbing and wiring, but away from electrical appliances and equipment. If you're outdoors, rubber boots are not going to protect you in the case of a thunderstorm. Lightning can reach temperatures of up to 30,000 C, rendering a thin layer of rubber insignificant as an insulator.

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