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Snow squalls impact Ontario, here's where to expect them

Brad Rousseau

Friday, December 8, 2017, 7:21 AM - As Arctic air continues to flood into Ontario, multiple bands of lake-effect snow squalls off the Great Lakes have developed in response and will have major impacts across parts of the province, suddenly reducing visibility on the roads and bringing bursts of snow through Friday.

Snow squall warnings are in effect for areas south and east of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay, with 10-20 cm of snow possible under the heaviest squalls. Localized amounts over 30 cm are possible, particularly for areas east of Georgian Bay who have seen persistent squalls since Tuesday night.

Below we’ll break down how the rest of the week will pan out.

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On Friday, a low-pressure system will push into northeastern Ontario. In response to this low, the winds will start to shift around to more a southerly to slightly southwesterly direction. This will have widespread light snow across central and northeastern Ontario with snow squalls embedded that will have significant impacts across the Lake Superior region, as well as along the Georgian Bay shores, once again from the Parry Sound area northward into Sudbury.

With southwesterly winds in place, the Lake Erie squall is forecast to push northward, impacting much of the Niagara region with light to moderate snow through Friday. Another squall off Lake Ontario is expected to push northward, impacting the 401 corridor through the eastern portions of the GTA from about Oshawa eastward through Belleville, with light to moderate snow, likely impacting the evening commute. The squall across the eastern GTA toward Belleville will impact an area notorious for bad vehicle accidents during these types of snow squall events.

If you have travel plans east of the GTA through Friday evening, consider re-scheduling or take note that there is the threat for poor driving conditions.

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