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Wabush evacuees return home as firefight continues

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    Monday, July 1, 2013, 1:12 PM -

    The majority of residents evacuated from a western Labrador town that had been threatened by a forest fire are back in their homes, but the community remains under a state of emergency.

    Thick smoke from a nearby forest fire had forced the evacuation of Wabush on Friday.

    Westerly winds have blown away much of the smoke blanketing the town and allowed authorities to lift the voluntary evacuation notice Sunday night.

    Despite those developments, Wabush mayor Ron Barron says the town's state of emergency remains in effect.

    Barron estimates 90 per cent of residents have returned to their homes but says the community is still under fire alert.

    A spokesman for the province's Department of Natural Resources says the fire has consumed around 700 square kilometres since it began over a week ago.

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