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Kitten goes on wild ride, travels 80 kilometres under car hood

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    Friday, August 23, 2013, 7:32 AM - This cute kitten got the ride of his life this week, traveling over 80 km under a car hood and narrowly escaping danger.

    An unexpected visitor got the ride of its life this week - under the hood of a car! 

    A curious kitten somehow crawled underneath a Georgia woman's car hood and went with her on an 80 km ride from Cairo to Tallahassee, Florida.

    According to mechanic Curtis White, the woman heard a cat's scream when she stopped at a gas station and didn't know where the sound was coming from. The next day she took the car to him for inspection where the discovery was made. 

    "Me and Nicole here opened up the hood and realized that there was a baby kitten in there," said White to local reporters. "So, we just scooped them (sic) out of there and gave him some love and some milk and some sausage."

    The cat was found near the car battery, centimetres from dangerous belts and fans. 

    Fortunately for the fearless feline, one of the woman's co-workers has decided to adopt him. 

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