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June flooding in southern Alberta the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history, insurance bureau reports

(The Canadian Press)

(The Canadian Press)

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    The Canadian Press

    Monday, September 23, 2013, 10:54 AM -

    The Insurance Bureau of Canada says the June flood in southern Alberta is the costliest natural disaster in Canadian history.

    The bureau says the latest estimate of the insured property damage now exceeds $1.7 billion.

    Bill Adams, vice-president of IBC's western and Pacific regions, says in a release that the number is staggering and is expected to rise.

    Four people died and 100,000 others were forced from their homes by days of torrential rain, prompting states of emergency in Calgary and several other communities.

    Property Claim Services Canada, which tracks losses arising from catastrophic events in the country, says well over 25,000 claims have currently been filed in the flood's aftermath.

    Federal Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney said last Tuesday that Alberta may soon get an initial interim payment of $500 million from Ottawa to help cover flood costs.

    (The Canadian Press)

    (The Canadian Press)

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