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Is this April snow in London a cosmic sign from Prince?

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, April 27, 2016, 12:11 PM - Snow flakes in England's capital has not only created a social frenzy because it's rare, but some music fans question if it's some sort of cosmic sign from Prince.

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Still mourning the star's death from last week, many believe Prince had something to do with the unseasonable snowfall in London on Tuesday. After all, one of the late artist's best known songs was titled "Sometimes it snows in April."

The social world erupted as they watched the snow fly, taking the flakes as a sign from the music idol.

Other Londoners were just completely stunned to see the brief flurries of snow, stating "it's almost May" and there should be more sure signs of spring. Some even poked fun at the toll a bit of snow would take on travel and commute times since such a late wintry blast is so rare.

Forecasters say the wintry conditions will likely continue on Wednesday as temperatures hover around the freezing mark. In fact, parts of Britain could be even colder than Siberia with lows around -5C expected.

Thunder, lightning and sleet showers are expected to continue in some northern areas where heavy snowfall has been falling. That smashes hope for a sunny start to May this coming weekend.

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