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Canada Post carriers will not return to three Vancouver homes until they are safe again from Canuck the Crow.

UPDATED: Mail resumes in Vancouver as crow attacks cease

Hailey Montgomery
Digital Reporter

Wednesday, June 28, 2017, 9:24 AM - Canada Post will resume delivery to three Vancouver homes, a full month after a mail carrier was attacked multiple times by local phenomenon 'Canuck' The Crow.

Incident reports indicate the mail carrier was pecked by Canuck, drawing blood, prompting Canada Post to inform one of the affected home owner's, Shawn Bergman, that mail would resume again once it was safe to do so.

Canada Post’s media relations manager, Phillip Legault, said in a statement that the corporation is prioritizing the safety of its mail carriers. Affected residents have received an alternate location to pick up their mail.

Bergman, Canuck’s longtime human companion, is one of the 12 residents who is affected by the suspension. He believes that Canada Post’s offer was not sufficient.

“It's at the depot which is a twenty-minute bus ride away,” Bergman told The Weather Network. “As well the hours are 10 a.m. till 2 p.m.  I don't know what person that works full time can meet those hours.” 

“Not to mention one neighbor is in a wheelchair, and one neighbor is a woman in her late eighties that doesn’t own a car,” he added.  “I don't think it's fair at all.”

Bergman and the postal service were in touch two or three times over the phone, and then exchanged about four emails.

“I have several times tried to work with Canada Post to come up with a solution,” reads a Facebook post. “But their unwillingness to work with me makes a solution nearly impossible.”

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Canuck is well known across the country thanks to his popular Facebook page, Canuck and I, run by Bergman. Canuck was raised by Bergman’s neighbour since he was a hatchling, but was tagged and released once he could survive in the wild. He has since been spotted trying to steal a knife at a crime scene, and even taken a ride on the SkyTrain.

Typically, crows are not violent towards people unless they are defending their territory during nesting season.

Such would seem to be the case in Canuck’s recent conflict. 

“Crow nesting season can be a trying time,” Bergman said in Facebook post. “Some consider it to be attacks, whereas the rest of us know it’s good parents defending their kids.”

Canuck has no “kids” to protect, but it is still in his DNA to be territorial.

Bergman says that the crow has even received threats. One neighbour said to Canada Post over the phone “what if I kill [Canuck]?”

Legault said that Canada Post is continuing to monitor the situation and will resume service when they feel it is safe.

Bergman added that since nesting season is over, Canuck hasn’t visited his nest in over a month. At this point, he says, Canada Post should be able to safely return, and he hopes they can come to a solution.

Reporters were at Bergman’s home today, and Canuck did not seem interested.

Watch below: Pizza-wielding squirrel versus crow

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