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The two birds seem to be anxious whenever separated

Injured pelicans nursed to health together

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    Wednesday, January 1, 2014, 10:08 AM -

    It's good to know that when tough times come around the corner, you have a shoulder to lean on. And that goes for two pelicans sticking together through the Iowa winter. 

    Two injured pelicans were found near a lake in Iowa City and taken to the Wildlife Care Clinic in Ames in early December. The larger one has an amputated wing, while the smaller one has a drooped left wing. 

    The birds usually migrate this time of year, spending the winter in southern U.S. and Mexico but the injured pelicans were unable to undergo the taxing voyage. The birds have become inseparable quickly becoming anxious whenever they are forced to separate. 

    To get better, one of the pelicans receives antibiotics while the other does physical therapy. 

    The ISU Wildlife Care Clinic accepts both monetary donations and donations of live whole fish. Birds like these pelicans often eat bluegill or perch but aren't too picky.

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