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India is getting hit hard with landslides and washed out bridges due to incessant rains.

India: Temple submerged by floods from heavy rains

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    Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 11:30 AM -

    In Uttarakhand 58 people have lost their lives and over 70,000 tourists and pilgrims are stranded at various locations.

    Worst hit is Uttarakashi, where another bridge has been washed away.

    Around 70 homes have been completely destroyed and nearly 200 camps have been set up for those stranded.

    Meanwhile, government officials have dispatched teams to aid in rescue work. However incessant rains and landslides have crippled communications, severely hampering rescue operations.

    The Dehradun MET department says the state capital received a record 340 mm of rainfall on Monday.

    Several roads, including national highway 24, have been blocked to avoid any more traffic jams.

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