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Snowy owl 'irruption' has everyone looking up, here's where

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Saturday, February 10, 2018, 1:07 PM - There's never any shortage of shutterbugs in The Weather Network's online photo gallery, regardless of season, capturing all the fauna and flora Canada has to offer.

For the last few weeks, shots of the elegant snowy owl have been pouring into our galleries, as the birds congregate in southern Canada. Found in every province and territory, snowy owls spend their summers far to the north, migrating southward in the winter, when they can count on snow to to mask their white plumage, according to Canadian Geographic.

In fact, according to CBC, you may be seeing them a bit more than usual this year if you live in southern Ontario. Experts told the broadcaster this week that it looks like the species is in the midst of a population boom coinciding with its seasonal southern migration, known as an "irruption," that has made them more plentiful this season.

"We don't fully understand why snowy owls irupt year-over-year, but more information is pointing to the fact that food abundance results in larger clutch sizes," Karen McDonald, restoration projects manager at the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority, told CBC News.

Below is a selection of our most favourite snowy owl shots sent in by our viewers (and if you have your own good shots, you can upload them to our galleries here). Enjoy.

Annette-Rod Everson, Stratford, Ont.

Ron Gallagher, Sault Ste. Marie, Ont.

Ed Matuod, Beiseker, Alta.

Shirlee Mac Dougall, Smithville, Ont.

Jeffrey Gao, Kanata, Ont.

Laurie Baron, Brooks, Alta.

Sylvie Tafts, Kincardine, Ont.

Azeem K, Kanata, Ont.

Brian Morin, Ottawa, Ont.

SOURCES: CBC News | Canadian Geographic

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