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MUST SEE: Experience the sights and sounds of Honolulu, Hawaii in two minutes!

HONOLULU CLOUDS from Sunchaser Pictures on Vimeo.

Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Sunday, September 22, 2013, 6:56 PM -

In a brilliant two-minute timelapse masterpiece, Gavin Heffernan captures the beautiful island city in a way you've never seen before. 

We first introduced you to the remarkable work of Sunchaser Gavin Heffernan in August, with his magical timelapse video of the creature-filled star trails of Borrego Springs, California

In his latest venture, aptly titled 'Honolulu Clouds', Heffernan proves once again, that when it comes to unconventional film making, he reigns supreme. 

"This most recent Hawaii shoot was a very quick affair," said Heffernan. "With most of the shots taken from the fire stairs, or my [Kahala Hotel] room window." 

Using a Canon 6D, Heffernan shot 5 to 8 second intervals of the gorgeous island landscape while on a recent business trip to Oahu. All the shots were captured near the Kahala Hotel, away from downtown. 

With a true artists eye, Heffernan picked up the camera immediately after recognizing how the winds in Hawaii make the clouds roll in dramatically over the mountains and fade peacefully over the ocean. But as effortless as it may appear, Heffernan says putting a timelapse video together is no quick task.

Heffernan says he's drawn to timelapse videos

Heffernan says he's drawn to timelapse videos "because it's relatively affordable and can be done with minimal gear." (Image: Star Trails from new Death Valley geminid shoot; Twitter @GavinHeffernan)

"Most of our shoots have been 2 nights, 3 days (usually because that's all the time we can spare)," he explained. "The processing, conversion, editing, and the experimentation of the footage afterwards can take some time -- from a few weeks, to even a month or two if we're commissioning original music." 

The music of Andy Iona and the Islanders brilliantly elevates the stunning surroundings featured in Honolulu Clouds. Heffernan suggests in order to have the optimum experience, watch the video in HD with headphones on and the volume cranked up! 

See more of Gavin Heffernan's stunning videos on his Sunchaser Pictures Vimeo channel or visit his website at www.SunchaserPictures.com.

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