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ICYMI: Five must-read stories of the week

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, July 11, 2014, 8:30 AM - Another week has buzzed by and now it's time to dive deep and bring your attention to the most popular (and bizarre) stories that made headlines this week.

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5. 'Not a hoax': UFO spotted in Chile

Chilean government officials have released an official report after two high-quality photos of an unidentified flying object that were spotted over the Collahuasi copper mine in a remote area of northern Chile in April 2013.

According to witnesses it approached the area slowly and remained in the sky for an hour at an altitude of about 600 metres. The object made no noise and eventually moved away in an easterly direction.

Don't believe us? Read more here.

Photo of the UFO (Courtesy: CEFAA)

Photo of the UFO (Courtesy: CEFAA)

4. Flaming debris rains down from space

Thursday night, a piece of space junk fell from the sky and blazed across the skies over southeastern Australia.

Videos captured of the event by local residents show the object slowly tracking across the sky, burning brightly and leaving behind a trail of light and smoke. Some even thought that it may have been a crashing airplane.

Check out more videos here.

3. Chainsaws up! It's about to rain sharks!

Not since Jaws has a film about sharks so captured the imagination of a worldwide audience.

Syfy's Sharknado blew up the small-screen in the summer of 2013, quickly evolving into a full-blown cultural phenomenon (because let's face it, who could ignore a film with the title Sharknado?).

One would think it would be impossible to top the viral success of the original, but director Anthony C. Ferrante and writer Thunder Levin have boldly risen to the challenge in a followup titled Sharknado 2: The Second One.

Will you be watching? Find out more about this latest shark flick and see the trailer here

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2. National tornado tally

Twenty-one tornadoes have been recorded across the country so far this year, with close to 62 being the yearly average.

"Tornado season has been quite typical across the country so far this year, but Ontario has fared the more active up until this point," says Weather Network meteorologist Dayna Vettese.

According to Vettese, it does look like many Canadians across the central portion of the country will be getting into an unsettled and active pattern throughout the next few weeks.

See the full tornado tally here.

1. Red hair a casualty of climate change

Scottish researchers believe that redheads could become one of the latest casualties of climate change.

Numerous stories have popped up in the past suggesting that redheads may be going extinct, largely due to the rarity of the gene, but the recent theory is among the first to link the possible extinction to climate change.

Find out more about this recent report.

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