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ICYMI: Five must-read stories of the week- August 29

Andrea Bagley
Digital Reporter

Friday, August 29, 2014, 8:25 PM - Another week has buzzed by and now it's time to dive deep and bring your attention to the most popular (and bizarre) stories that made headlines this week.

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5. Giant crack appears in the earth in Mexico

Here's something that's been making the rounds on the internet: A massive fissure that split the earth in northwestern Mexico earlier this month.

Sky News says the crack opened up last week near Hermosillo, in the state of Sonora, and is up to 8 m deep and around 5 m across.

It's caused havoc for travellers in the area, as it severed a highway linking Hermosillo to the coast, and Sky News said a similar crack appeared near another highway in the same state.

Check out the aerial footage here.

4. This piece of plastic caused a mid-air brawl

Lack of legroom is the bane of many a flyer, and when the person in front of you puts their seat down, it can make a long flight seem longer.

And it looks like airline seat etiquette has really exploded into the public consciousness, courtesy of a brawl between two passengers aboard a flight from New Jersey to Denver that forced the plane to be redirected to Chicago.

The reason? Find out here.

3. Photographer shoots "ghost" over Hungarian city

So is this really a ghost, and a giant one, hovering over the town of Veszprem in Hungary? Well, no, of course, that's silly. What it is, is a really rare and awesome photography phenomenon.

The spectral apparition was shot by Hungarian photographer Ladanyi Tamas, on the morning of August 11.

Read more about this eerie phenomenon.

2. NASA astronaut captures incredible images of an aurora from space

NASA astronaut Reid Wiseman captured another amazing video of the spinning earth and flickering light from the International Space Station.

Wiseman tweeted the vine with the caption: #SpaceVine #Timelapse of the powerful flickering #Aurora.

See more amazing photos and learn about the Aurora Borealis.

1. Urban life is making some spiders bigger, more numerous

Dislike spiders? Avoid leaving the city because you expect that you'd find more of them, and perhaps more importantly bigger ones, in the country?

Well, according to some new research, cities are apparently a paradise for spiders that may have you fleeing at your earliest convenience!

Digital meteorologist Scott Sutherland finds out how urban life is making some spiders bigger and more numerous.

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