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From an alien walking on the moon to a roller coaster nightmare turned reality, we've rounded out our top stories of the week.

ICYMI: Five must-read stories of the week -- August 9 - 15, 2014

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Dalia Ibrahim
Digital Reporter

Friday, August 15, 2014, 10:28 AM -

Another week has buzzed by and now it's time to dive deep and bring your attention to the most popular (and bizarre) stories that made headlines this week. 

5. Roller coaster breaks down leaving terrified thrill seekers stranded 45ft mid-air

It was every thrill seekers worst nightmare come-to-life at Six Flags in Maryland on Sunday. 

Rescuers pulled stranded riders from a roller coaster after the ride halted on the tracks. 

A Six Flags spokeswoman says a train on the Joker's Jinx roller coaster stopped about 45ft from the ground Sunday afternoon. 

To see dramatic video from the rescue, click here for the full story

4. UFO spotted in front of supermoon 

Sunday's supermoon was a spectacular display and, based on the number of photos you've sent us, it attracted a large crowd.

Now, a new YouTube video suggests the phenomenon was incredible enough to draw audience members in from another world. 

A new video posted to YouTube shows a supposed UFO zipping past the moon Sunday evening. 

We're not convinced. 

To our (un)trained eyes in The Weather Network newsroom, it looks more like a leaf or perhaps even a bird. 

But mediabyjj, the user who uploaded the footage taken at an undisclosed location, believes otherwise. Click here for his response and the full story.  

3. 'Alien' seen walking on the Moon in NASA image 

Speaking on UFOs and YouTube...another one of YouTube's latest viral videos shows what appears to be an 'alien' walking upright on the surface of the Moon.

(YouTube screen shot -- via mediabyjj)

(YouTube screen shot -- via mediabyjj)

The video -- which was uploaded to YouTube July 18 -- has attracted more than 2 million views so far, and plenty of of theories. 

It was created by YouTube user Wowforreeel who found the image on Google Moon, which leverages millions of public domain images from NASA. 

Check out the video here

2. Great White shark populations growing along North American coasts, but concern still exists for species' vulnerability

Shark populations have been in serious decline in recent years, mainly due to the fact that humans kill tens of thousands of them every day, but researchers are now noticing that populations of certain types of sharks, especially Great Whites along the coast of California, are starting to show signs of recovery.

Read Weather Network meteorologist Scott Sutherland's in-depth article, here.

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1. Two dead after cliff 'selfie' goes wrong

A Polish couple is dead after trying to take a 'selfie' while on a family vacation at the picturesque cliffs of Cabo de Roca in Portugal.

File photo of Cabo de Roca courtesy of Andrey Belenko/Flickr Creative Commons

File photo of Cabo de Roca courtesy of Andrey Belenko/Flickr Creative Commons

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