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A rare earthquake strikes Alaska and a man is blown out of his shoes by a lightning strike. These are some of the stories you missed from the past week.

ICYMI: Five must-read stories from this week

Daniel Martins
Digital Reporter

Friday, June 27, 2014, 9:07 AM - On this Friday before many people head off for the weekend ahead of Canada Day, here's a look at the most popular stories on our website from this past week.

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1. Earthquake strikes near Alaska

A powerful Magnitude 8.0 earthquake that struck off the coast of Alaska on Monday afternoon caused quite a stir among our readers.

It sparked tsunami warnings along the Alaska coast, and raised fears in British Columbia that any tsunami generated may impact that province.

However, the quake struck at a relatively-deep 100 km, and although one Alaska community did report a small tsunami, Emergency Info B.C. said there was no risk for British Columbia.

Catch up on that story here.

2. Man blown out of his shoes by lightning

It sounds like an episode of Looney Tunes, but a man in Georgia claimed he was blown right out of his shoes when he was struck by lightning this week.

Incredibly, he even had the presence of mind to shoot a short cellphone video of the aftermath.

He didn't escape without injury, however, and after he called his wife and went to the emergency room, doctors kept him overnight to monitor his heartbeat.

Read the full report here.

3. More tornadoes confirmed in Ontario

For many Ontarians, it was deja vu on Tuesday, a week after a severe weather outbreak that saw two tornadoes confirmed.

The first occurred near the New Tecumseh area, while the second was in Laurel, near Orangeville.

Both were rated EF-1.

4. Viewer pics of majestic mountains

Many of our viewers are talented shutterbugs who share their work with The Weather Network.

We showcase the best shots when we can, like this one of Crowfoot Mountain, submitted by George Kreif, Banff National Park, Alberta.

See the other incredible photos that made the cut here, and you can also upload your own shots.

5. Ottawa cyclist survives goose attack

This would sound like a silly story to people who aren't familiar with how very dangerous Canada geese can be.

One cyclist in Ottawa was attacked by one earlier this week, to the point where she lost consciousness and suffered several serious injuries requiring hospitalization.

Read that story here.

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